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CPR Training at The Nest Preschool in Argyle

This past week we were so blessed to have EMS Lieutenant Cody Miller from the Argyle Fire Department come out and work with us on our CPR training. It is so wonderful to be able to have such a high quality EMS trainer take time on his day off to come and spend hours training us on the latest techniques for CPR. He had just been down in Houston helping the day before and was back for our training and to resupply.

Back in 2005, Fire Chief Mac Hohenberger and the Mayor’s from Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Corral City, Lantana, and Northlake came together to put together all the paperwork and campaigning it took to get Denton Counties First Fire District formed. The fire department, at the time, was almost 100% volunteer. The men and women would get paged in all hours of the day or night and grab their gear and come running to save whoever was in need. If it was in the middle of the night, that firefighter would then have to go to their day job after. They were some of the most selfless people I had ever met. Many had families to support and young children to raise. The Fire Chief and mayors worked day and night for a year to get the community aware and to go vote for the district. Every town and ETJ of each town or area had to vote to pass the district.

After the election vote on 2006 with the district passing, I wondered how it would change the fire department and the people that serve. What I have found is that they are as true to their mission statement as they ever were.


We exist to help others, with respect for all, by faithfully and selflessly providing life and property preservation through prompt and safe emergency medical response, fire suppression, prevention, and education.


As a founding member of The Nest Preschool, your child’s safety is my number one priority just as the citizens' safety was my number one priority when I was Mayor of Northlake and helped create the Fire district. I want you to know our dedication to serve our Lord and Savior and you our Nest families is diligent and unwavering.

EMS Cody Miller has made it his mission to be sure all the schools in his district has working equipment and is working to get as many teachers and administrators trained in CPR. Thank you Cody and all the Firer Fighters that so faithfully serve.