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Dear Nest Staff

May 2019


"Wow! What an awesome year it has been!  My daughter has really blossomed this year in many areas, but her spiritual growth this year has been by far the best thing to watch.  Thank you for being such a positive role model, and also for keeping your standards high.


Thank you," Preschool Mom Rainbow Robin's class (Pre-K)


Letters from moms....



"...there just aren't enough words to appropriately tell you how grateful we are for your impact in our son's life. Your love and example shows up in the way he has blossomed. Because of Jesus in you, he really tapped into who Jesus says he is; he's been quoting scripture, singing praise songs and even confessed that he loves and believes in Jesus. Thank you for leading these little feet."---mom of a 3 year old



"...both of us as parents are grateful for the  enormous part you've had in teaching our Children to follow The Lord. You have shown them the love of Jesus through the joy you have for serving him. All of you at the preschool have made a lasting impression on every one of the kids at the preschool."--- The Martin family


"...I love how much you all care about our kiddos and how you teach them about Jesus. I know our son has loved Chapel and has learned so much, and is ready for Kindergarten."--- mom of a Pre-K"

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