The curriculum at The Nest is both biblically based and academically rigorous.  Children attend chapel daily and learn about God, sing praise and worship songs, and memorize Bible verses.  Inside the classroom, one of our teaching segments is based on a Bible story and other children’s books that expand on the Biblical principle and character traits within the story. 


Our curriculum is designed to prepare little ones for kindergarten, specially developed with Argyle kindergarten programs by our Education Director, Crystal Grant.  She is a wonderful addition to our teaching staff, has a Master’s Degree in early childhood and principle level certification, with education and experience in writing curriculum for years in an area school district. 

Our curriculum is a springboard to a lasting, enthusiastic relationship with reading and writing. We use Teaching Visuals including engaging charts introducing themes, shapes, colors, numbers, letters and nursery rhymes. Parents will receive Unit lesson plans outlining the skills and topics to be taught. Our Teachers offer activities for each age with wonderful flexibility for all types of learners at all stages of learning.

Our philosophy at The Nest is to have a child-centered classroom focusing on the learner as an individual with unique interests and abilities.  We have adopted an approach characterized by learning centers, dramatic play areas and a wide variety of hands-on materials.  Our little ones are encouraged to explore and learn on their own, making discoveries through their senses. 

Our teaching methods promote strong social skills and emotional self-control in “real time”.  Our little ones learn through teachable moments to manage frustrations or anger.  We encourage and facilitate making friends and playing well with others.  Children learn ways to take care of themselves and help others.  In our circle time, children learn to focus attention on the teacher, for example, and to listen while others are speaking and wait their turn.

 Each activity and concept in the program is research-based and developmentally appropriate. Interactive circle times help children learn, grow and have fun. This includes active, hands-on learning. Daily math, phonics and pre-writing lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies and handwriting segments.